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Formula 1 Pirelli Wheels Collection F1 Season 2023
3D model

Collection of low-poly game ready Formula 1 wheels 3D models with Pirelli PZero and Cinturato Slick, Intermediate and WET tires for F1 Season 2023 with PBR materials (Specular and Metallic workflows).

The project contains two 3d model variants for Intermediate and WET tires:
- 4 Lowpoly subdivision-ready wheels with baked tire tread and PBR textures
- 4 Midpoly subdivision-ready wheels with 3d tire tread and PBR textures
Slick tires archive contains 6 texture versions for soft, medium and hard. Both new (glossy) and used.

​Slicks and Intermediate/WET Lowpoly version:
- Polygons count: 10,928 (no n-gons); 2,732 each wheel
- Vertices count: 10,748; 2,687 each wheel
Intermediate Midpoly version:
- Polygons count: 26,120 (no n-gons); 6,530 each wheel
- Vertices count: 25,220; 6,305 each wheel
WET Midpoly version:
- Polygons count: 32,312 (no n-gons); 8,068 each wheel
- Vertices count: 32,132; 8,033 each wheel

Textures: 4,096 x 4,096 PNG

Formats: 3D MAX (2016), OBJ, 3DS, FBX, DXF (2010).

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